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What is Deepler? Employee feedback to Organisational Excellence

Updated: Jul 1

What is Deepler? A Comprehensive Analysis of Organizational Success

In an era where data holds the key to growth, the question of how organizations can keep a finger on the pulse of what truly goes on within their teams is paramount. In this quest for insight and improvement, there's a solution garnering increasing attention: Deepler. But what exactly is Deepler?

The Specific Purpose of Deepler

Deepler is not a translation tool, as some may have mistaken it for Deepl. Instead, it is a powerful software tool designed to measure what truly matters within organizations. Its specific purpose is to gain insight into the themes where an organization excels and where it can develop, through targeted questions to the right people.

How Deepler Stands Out

What sets Deepler apart from other similar software is the speed and precision with which it generates insights. Deepler's questionnaires are remarkably short, taking only two minutes to complete. This short duration reduces the burden on employees and allows for quick and efficient data collection through research modules.

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Improving Organizational Performance

Deepler's strength lies in its ability to quickly provide insights that organizations can use to enhance their performance. By soliciting input from employees, Deepler offers valuable data that organizations can use for their People Analytics. This enables them to pinpoint where adjustments and improvements are needed.

People Analytics in Action

Deepler conducts research based on statements that employees evaluate. These answers are then double encrypted, ensuring the complete privacy of employees. This ensures that the collected data is reliable and representative of the entire organization.

Developing Action Plans

One of Deepler's most powerful features is its ability to develop concrete action plans based on the collected feedback. Through a simple project management environment, organizations can initiate improvement projects on specific themes. This enables them to hold people accountable, set actions and milestones, and measure progress.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Through Deepler, organizations can not only identify and address problems but also foster a culture of continuous improvement. By regularly collecting feedback and taking action based on these insights, organizations can adapt and grow in an ever-changing environment.

In conclusion, Deepler is much more than just a software tool. It is a powerful ally for organizations striving for success and growth. With its ability to quickly provide insights, develop action plans, and promote a culture of continuous improvement, Deepler is a valuable asset for any modern organization.


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