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Are you curious about what culture exactly means? Or would you like to know more about corporate culture and what this means for an organization? You may wonder what different corporate cultures there are and how they form the soul of a company.

In this article we will answer all these questions and more. We would also like to give you an insight into how the research module 'Culture' helps to monitor and make measurable your corporate culture.

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What is corporate culture?

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Corporate culture refers to the norms, values, beliefs and behaviors that prevail within an organization. It includes the way employees interact with each other, the prevailing work ethic, the communication style and the general atmosphere in the workplace.


In short, corporate culture determines the identity and character of an organization. By making this corporate culture measurable, you know your strengths and weaknesses. This is how you improve employee retention and improve your organization.

What corporate cultures are there?

There are different corporate cultures, including a hierarchical culture in which decisions are made from above and there is little room for personal initiative.


In addition, there is an innovative culture in which creativity and innovation are stimulated. Furthermore, there is a family culture in which employees feel like a close-knit family and a lot of attention is paid to mutual relationships. Finally, there is a results-oriented culture in which performance and objectives are central and there is a lot of emphasis on achieving results.

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Why is corporate culture like the soul of the company?

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Corporate culture is considered the soul of the company because it reflects the company's core values, norms and beliefs. It shapes the identity and character of the organization and influences how employees interact with each other and how they approach their work.


A strong corporate culture can create a sense of belonging, commitment and motivation among employees, which can ultimately lead to better performance and success for the company.

What does culture do for my turnover?

Company culture plays a crucial role in employee turnover as it shapes the work environment in which employees operate. A positive, inclusive and supportive corporate culture can motivate employees, increase engagement and strengthen company loyalty, leading to lower turnover.


In contrast, a negative or toxic culture that lacks communication, respect, and appreciation can result in a high outflow of talent. Employees who do not feel valued or heard within their workplace are likely to look for better opportunities elsewhere. That's why it's essential for organizations to regularly assess their culture and invest in creating an environment that reflects and supports the values and needs of their workforce. This can be done through policies that promote diversity, encourage professional development and encourage open communication.

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How does the culture module help measure and improve culture?


Identifying Causes

The module helps uncover underlying factors that influence organizational culture, such as communication patterns or leadership styles.


Targeted actions at team level

Teams can take specific actions tailored to strengthening a positive and inclusive culture within their specific context.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Regularly collecting and analyzing feedback helps measure the impact of changes and helps you maintain control over your internal culture.

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Statistics Culture

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of employees say company culture has improved since COVID.

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of employees indicate that leadership development contributes most to culture.

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avoids organizations with a bad culture.

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of employees would work harder if they were appreciated more.

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