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We measure,
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As a board, manager or HR professional, you want to lead effectively. With the help of Deepler, you measure the necessary topics for your challenges.

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Our research modules

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Employee Value Proposition

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Employee Satisfaction (MTO)

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Diversity & Inclusion

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To learn &

To develop

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Teams &


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Your extra pair of eyes and ears

See Deepler as the interested additional employee who is always well informed and who thinks along with you about how your organization can perform even better.

Collective Intelligence
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Measure up to 400 scientifically valid
topics in less than
2 minutes

Deepler's AI algorithm allows us to ask the right questions to the right people. As a result, each employee receives a tailor-made set of questions. Simply in the language that appeals best and about the topics that matter most.

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Have the good conversation through understanding the themes at play.

Managers know via their dashboard or their individual one-pager which topics they need to discuss with their teams. This way you have the right conversation in your organization and you do not overlook important topics.

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Deepler score team dynamics
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Easily monitor & structure your improvement processes

Research and action often did not go well together. Until Deepler. We offer both the platform to understand what is going on and the platform for taking action.

Improvement process screenshot deepler improving the onboarding process ensuring that new talents are properly introduced to our way of working and the processes we use. Employee Satisfaction Entire organization 3 members goal to ensure that new talents are properly introduced to our way of working and the processes we use. milestones onboarding package per department deadline intensive one-on-one sessions deadline online feedback loop. add milestone closes
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Trusted by young and old

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What our customers say

deeper customer
“The Deepler software has enabled us to clearly identify where our areas for improvement were and show these at a very detailed level. The tool then helped us structure our follow-up.

Veerle, HR Manager, HeadFirst Group

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