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Learning & development

Are you looking for information about learning and development? Then you may have questions such as: what does a learning and development manager actually do? What exactly is learning and development? And what does a learning and development advisor do? Or are you interested in training in the field of learning and development?

The 'Learning & Development' module helps you quickly identify the development needs of your organization.

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What is learning and development?

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Learning and development refers to the process of acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies, as well as promoting personal growth and professional development. It involves learning new information, developing skills and improving existing knowledge and capabilities. This can take place through formal education, training, gaining experience and self-study.


The purpose of learning and development is to enable individuals to reach their potential and continuously develop themselves.

What does a learning and development manager do?

A learning and development manager is responsible for developing and implementing learning and development programs within an organization. They identify employee training needs, design and deliver training programs, and evaluate their effectiveness.


They also work with other departments to promote employee development and ensure they have the right skills and knowledge to carry out their duties.

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Why is learning and development important?

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Learning and development is important because it enables individuals and organizations to grow, adapt to changes and improve their skills and knowledge. This contributes to the personal and professional development of employees and ensures that organizations remain competitive in an ever-changing market. In addition, it can contribute to a positive work culture and employee involvement.

How do I measure employee development needs?

Measuring employee development needs is a crucial step in promoting growth and satisfaction within an organization. This starts with implementing detailed assessments and feedback systems aimed at identifying both employees' current skills and the areas in which they wish to develop further.


An effective method is 360-degree feedback, which collects input from colleagues and managers, as well as self-evaluations by the employees themselves.


In addition, regular development conversations are essential, in which personal career goals are discussed and aligned with the strategic goals of the organization. Collecting this data allows leaders to create targeted and personal development plans that stimulate both individual and organizational growth.

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How does the 'Learning & Development' module help make L&D needs measurable?


Identifying Causes

The module helps identify skills and knowledge gaps within the organization that are hindering development and performance. It also measures the development needs of employees.


Targeted actions at team level

Based on the identified needs, specific development plans can be drawn up at team level aimed at improving the competencies of employees.


Continuous Feedback Loop

By continuously monitoring you measure your progress. Are the development needs of employees and your organization decreasing or increasing? This way you can make adjustments and stay close to the ball.

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Statistics Learning & development

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of L&D managers believe that L&D belongs on the board.

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of employees indicate that they will stay with the organization longer if there is more investment in L&D.

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of HR professionals indicate that L&D is lagging behind due to a lack of time.

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of organizations indicate that they have difficulty with qualified personnel.

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