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Growth monitoring

Are you curious about what a good percentage is for business growth? Or do you want to get more control over the growth of your company? Maybe you want to know how to manage your business growth or you are looking for a business growth model. In this article we will delve deeper into the topic of growth monitoring and answer all these questions.

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How do I get a grip on business growth?

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To get a handle on business growth, it is important to develop a strategic plan. This plan should focus on identifying growth opportunities and setting concrete goals. In addition, it is important to properly map the financial situation of the company and ensure sufficient financial resources to support growth.

Furthermore, it is essential to have continuous insight into what is going on in your organization. This way you retain talent and attract new talent. These talents are ultimately essential for your further growth.

How do you manage business growth?

To effectively manage business growth, it is essential to continuously monitor trends within the organization. By continuously monitoring developments and changes in the market, customer needs and competition, a company can proactively respond to opportunities and challenges.

Through regular reviews and analyzes of performance and results, management can determine the right strategies and actions to drive growth. In addition, it is important to optimize internal processes and systems to efficiently support growth. By continuously focusing on monitoring trends and making data-driven decisions, a company can successfully grow and adapt to changing circumstances.

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What is a good rate for business growth?

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A good business growth rate depends on several factors, such as the industry in which the company operates, economic conditions and the company's objectives. In general, an annual growth rate of 5-10% is considered healthy, but some companies aim for higher growth while others are happy with a lower rate.

When you grow faster, this also demands more from your leadership. Monitoring what is going on is therefore even more essential.

What does business growth mean for my staff?

Business growth has a profound impact on the workforce, which can bring both opportunities and challenges. For employees, growth often means new career opportunities, such as promotions and the chance to learn new skills, which can contribute to increased job satisfaction and engagement.


However, the expansion may also result in increased workload and changes in responsibilities, which can cause stress. Therefore, it is essential that organizations provide support and clear communication during periods of growth to ease the transition for employees.


You can keep a grip on these risks by using Deepler. By continuously measuring what your growth is doing to your staff, you can make proactive adjustments and not lose people in the process.

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How does the 'growth monitoring' module help you get a grip on growth?


Identifying Causes

The module helps fast-growing companies identify the bottlenecks in your growth. This way you know where your growth is being held back and what you can do to accelerate it.


Targeted actions at team level

Concrete actions are developed that are aimed at stimulating growth, but in a sustainable way. By having insight at team level, you have management information.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Especially when you grow quickly, a lot changes in your organization. It is important to continuously keep your finger on the pulse, so that you can stay on top of the ball and make the right decisions.

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Business Growth Statistics

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of the mistakes made by startups and scaleups can be explained by immature scaling up.

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of startups and scaleups fail in the first year.

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of startups and scaleups are overtaken and therefore go bankrupt.

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increase in learning curve of managers involved in leadership development.

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