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Data-driven Diversity and Inclusion

What is diversity and inclusion? Why is diversity and inclusion important? What is the difference between diversity and inclusion? What is the meaning of diversity and inclusion? You can read more about this on this page. We are also happy to explain to you how you can make your DEI measurable in 2 minutes with the help of the Deepler research module 'Data-driven DEI'.

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What is diversity and inclusion?

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Diversity and inclusion refer to promoting equality and respect for all individuals, regardless of their background, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or other characteristics. It's about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and included, and where different perspectives and experiences are recognized and valued.

By knowing which themes within D&I score well, you know where specific improvement is necessary. By using the Deepler research module 'Data-driven DEI', you can have the right conversation in 2 minutes.

Why is diversity and inclusion important?

Diversity and inclusion are important because it creates a broader and more representative society. It allows people to share their unique perspectives and experiences, leading to an enrichment of ideas and innovation. Nevertheless, diversity and inclusion ensures increased productivity and reduces turnover and absenteeism.

Furthermore, diversity and inclusion promotes equality and justice because it gives everyone the opportunity to fully participate in society, regardless of their background or identity.

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What is the difference between diversity and inclusion?

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Diversity refers to the variety of people with different backgrounds, characteristics and perspectives.


Inclusion, on the other hand, is about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and included, regardless of their differences.

Both aspects are important for effective collaboration and growth of the organization.

Why diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are essential for creating a dynamic and innovative corporate culture that attracts and retains talent from diverse backgrounds.

Measuring the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives through short, scientifically validated questionnaires is helpful. This approach provides reliable and accurate data on how employees experience inclusivity within the organization, which is essential for identifying areas that need improvement.

By regularly evaluating these aspects, companies can implement targeted strategies that not only improve the work environment, but also increase overall performance and employee satisfaction.

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How does the DEI module help make Diversity and Inclusion measurable?


Identifying Causes

This module analyzes structural inequalities and cultural barriers within the organization that hinder diversity, equality and inclusion. This way you know where you are or are not diverse and inclusive.


Targeted actions at team level

DEI is transparent at team level. In this way, teams develop targeted interventions aimed at strengthening diversity and creating a more inclusive working environment.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Through a continuous feedback loop and evaluation, the impact of DEI initiatives is monitored and adjusted, which helps you show actual progress in the organization and demonstrate your impact.

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Statistics Diversity and Inclusion

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indicates that their organization has a policy to recruit fairly.

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indicate that they have training and meetings about DEI at their workplace.

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of employees believe that their organization is doing enough about Diversity and Inclusion.

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better decisions by diverse teams.

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