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What is employee turnover?

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What is staff turnover? Actually it's very simple. Employee turnover refers to the number of employees who leave an organization within a certain period of time. It is often expressed as a percentage of the total workforce.


While some level of employee turnover is normal, high levels of turnover can be problematic for organizations. This entails costs. This includes recruitment, training and loss of productivity.


Especially because of the tight labor market in 2024, attracting and retaining staff is essential for an organization to survive. The labor market remains quite tight.

Calculate turnover

To calculate employee turnover, follow this formula:


Employee turnover rate = (Number of employees who left / Average number of employees) x 100%


Calculate employee turnover example:

Suppose a company had 100 employees at the beginning of the year and 10 employees left during the year. At the end of the year the company had 110 employees.

Number of employees who left = 10 Average number of employees = (100 + 110) / 2 = 105


Employee turnover rate = (10 / 105) x 100 ≈ 9.52%

So the employee turnover rate for that year would be 9.52%.

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What is an average employee turnover rate?

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Many professionals wonder 'What is healthy employee turnover?'. To answer that question properly, it is important to look at the sector. An overview of the turnover rates per sector can be found on the CBS website .

Why employee turnover?

After a successful launch, Deepler rapidly gained ground in the Netherlands and is now expanding into Germany, where the platform is making significant strides in capturing the market.

Our success is attributed to one thing: our own people. With a dedicated and talented team, we work day (and sometimes night) on the continuous growth and innovation of the Deepler platform.

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How do you reduce turnover with the
Deepler turnover-module?


Identifying Causes

The turnover module contains themes to measure what causes turnover. This way you measure in 2 minutes what you need to know to reduce your turnover.


Targeted actions at team level

With insight into the causes, you can carry out targeted interventions. The scores are visible at team level, which helps you to implement improvements easily and quickly.


Continuous Feedback Loop

By continuously collecting and analyzing feedback, you can manage more proactively, but you also measure your progress. This way you are continuously informed of what is going on and changing.

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Employee turnover statistics

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of the salary goes towards replacing an employee

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of employees are unsure about quitting their job after COVID

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quits a job due to poor management

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wants to leave their current job due to lack of advancement

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