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How does Deepler work?

Deepler conducts research into topics relevant to you. For example, do you have a challenge with turnover? Then you choose the matching modules to put together your own research. That research always follows the following steps:

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3. Employee follows up on feedback

Deepler makes employees an active part of the solution. Improvement processes can be started within the platform, in which small working groups take specific actions to address the identified challenges.


This not only keeps employees involved, but also gives you a clear overview of all current and completed improvement initiatives.

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4. Monitor your progress and progress

Deepler makes it possible to measure the progress and impact of specific actions through short, recurring surveys. This is essential to assess whether the measures taken are effective and contribute to the desired improvement.


By regularly monitoring progress, you can make adjustments where necessary and ensure that your organization continues to develop in the desired direction.

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1. An employee answers relevant statements in under
2 minutes

Deepler's AI algorithm selects statements that are truly relevant to each employee, based on position, seniority, and years of service.


This ensures that everyone receives a personalized, short questionnaire, focused on topics that matter to him or her. Through this approach we empower people. After all, everyone is an expert.

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2. Deepler analyzes and presents all data and insights

Immediately after completing the survey, Deepler automatically analyzes all data. The system performs complex statistical analyzes and presents the results immediately in a clear dashboard or a detailed report.


This process eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data analysis, allowing you to quickly understand key issues and take action.

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Bekijk hoe wij het anders doen

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Deepler is an online research and analysis solution to help organizations measure and improve their organization. Data-driven insights allow (HR) managers and directors to objectively understand what is going on in their organization.

Real-time Feedback Analysis

No more waiting for reporting. Deepler automatically analyzes your data, allowing you to follow real-time feedback.

Completely anonymous

Employee feedback is completely anonymous. This allows you to create a safe place for employees to share feedback.

12 research modules

Every organization is unique. Choose the valid research modules you need for the challenges facing your organization.

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Surveys in 2 minutes

Surveys last an average of 1.21 minutes. As a result, providing input for employees is no longer a distraction and frustration.

Continuous pulse

By continuously measuring, you keep your finger on the pulse and can monitor what is changing in your organization.

Follow up on feedback

Through the integrated follow-up functions, you make employees part of a task group and research actually leads to improvement.

Curious about how you use Deepler at your organization?

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