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Suites teams and small companies.

Less than 100 employees.

  • Deepler software & Reporting.

    • Maximum 1 module.

    • Non-desk employees.

    • Score segmentation.

    • Manager accounts unlimited.

    • Unlimited languages.

    • Employee dashboard.

  • Design of your environment.

People Working in Open Office

Suites multiple teams and SMEs.

100 to 500 employees.

  • Deepler software & Reporting.

    • Everything from Basic.

    • Unlimited number of modules.

    • Personal success manager.

    • Communication material.

    • Employee Webinar.

    • Custom questions if needed.

  • 48-hour support.

Hallway meeting

Suites large organizations.

500+ employees.

  • Deepler software & Reporting.

    • Everything from Plus.

    • Single Sign On.

    • Custom modules.

    • Advanced analytics.​

    • Advanced Security.

    • Personal onboarding.

  • 24-hour support.

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HRIS integration

Connect your HRIS to continuously synchronize employee files with the system. This way, invitations remain up-to-date and you can focus on the outcomes.


Do you need help determining strategy or would you like help with follow-up or strategy determination? Our certified partners can support you in this.

Annual report

Would you like to receive an annual overview at the end or beginning of the year? In this report we give you a look back at results, changes and improvement processes.

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employee deepler tessa
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Our services


We will arrange everything for you!

Deepler takes care of the entire setup of the software, so that you can focus on what is really important for your organization.


We are available in multiple languages

Communication is key. That is why we ensure that we always address your employees in their native language. This way everyone can use the software.


You can get started right away.

Because all topics have already been developed and researched, you can easily choose your modules and start working on improvement within a week.


You will always have an account manager who will help you further

Is something changing in your organization? Or do you want someone to take a brief look at how you interpret scores? At Deepler you always have your own account manager who will help you on your way.

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