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Deepler research-modules give
you the insight you need

Every organization has its own challenges. That is why you compile your own research based on modules. These modules contain topics to give you insight into how you can improve the situation together with your employees.

Deepler within your sector

Our software uses a self-learning algorithm to tailor research modules to the specific needs of your sector. As a result, the topics in the research module you have chosen fit seamlessly with the insight you need.


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The logistics sector is a dynamic working environment, which poses unique challenges to internal organization and communication. Our software specifically adapts its research modules to internal processes and the team dynamics of your sector.

Business services

Business services revolve around knowledge-intensive processes and deep customer relationships, which requires good internal coordination and communication. Our software tailors its research modules to your internal target group and working method.

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Plastic Roll in Factory

In production environments, everything must be streamlined and safe. That can be challenging if you are not constantly on the floor. The research modules are therefore also focused on your internal target group and the way you work.

Financial sector

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In the financial sector, where accuracy and reliability are paramount, it is essential that everyone is on the same page. This is made quite difficult by legislation and regulations. Our software helps with your internal alignment, so that everyone thinks along and is aware of your strategy.


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The education sector is all about development and growth. That is why cooperation and coordination between teaching staff is crucial. Our software adapts her research to the unique dynamics of educational teams. In this way we help you create the best educational experience and development.

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In the healthcare sector, the focus is on patient care and well-being. That is why seamless collaboration between healthcare professionals is essential. Deepler adapts itself to the specific needs of healthcare teams, aimed at improving communication and processes to increase the quality of care.

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In the retail sector you are often at a distance from your employees. That is why it is essential to stay informed of what is going on in the workplace. Our software adapts its research modules to bridge this distance, by providing targeted insights into locations and teams.


In hospitality, personal service and attention to detail are paramount. This should also apply to the bond with your employees. Our custom research modules provide insights essential for refining the guest experience and reducing hospitality staff turnover.

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Public sector

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In the public sector, effective service delivery and open communication are central. Deepler has tailor-made research modules that fit the working methods of government organizations. This helps you create a more efficient and flexible public service.

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Start-up & Scale-up

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Your company is growing at a rapid pace, and your ambition is not only to maintain this pace but to accelerate it. Deepler helps you retain talent and attract new talent, while also providing strategies for achieving sustainable growth. This way your organization not only becomes bigger, but also stronger and more resilient.

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