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Are you curious about what exactly work pressure means? Do you wonder if your workload is too high? Do you want to know how you can think differently when it comes to work pressure? Or are you looking for tips to deal with a high workload? In this article we will answer all these questions and more.


We would also like to explain how our research module 'Work Pressure' can help you gain insight into what influences the workload in your team and organization. This way you get a grip on workload.

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What is work pressure?

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Work pressure is the extent to which someone experiences stress and pressure in his or her work. It can be caused by high workloads, too many tasks and responsibilities, deadlines, lack of control or support, and other factors that disrupt work-life balance.

Work pressure too high. How do you deal with work pressure?

When the workload is too high, it is important to deal with the workload in a healthy way. One way to do this is by prioritizing and planning.


It is also important to set realistic goals and not overextend yourself. In addition, it is important to take breaks and take time to relax. It can also help to talk to colleagues or managers about the we

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What is an average employee turnover rate?

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To reduce workload, you can measure various things. An important factor is the amount of tasks and responsibilities you have. Having too many tasks can lead to a high workload. You can also look at the time pressure you experience. If you are constantly under time pressure, this can also contribute to a high workload.

It is also important to look at the balance between work and private life. If you have too little time for relaxation and rest, this can also lead to a high workload. Finally, you can also look at the level of support you receive from colleagues and managers. If you receive insufficient support, this can also contribute to a high workload.

How does work pressure affect my organization?

Workload has a profound impact on an organization, both positively and negatively. On the one hand, a manageable workload can motivate employees and encourage them to achieve goals and improve performance.


However, too much workload can lead to stress, reduced work performance, and an increased risk of burnouts, which negatively affects overall productivity and job satisfaction. Long-term high workloads can also contribute to higher absenteeism and increased staff turnover, which entails significant costs for recruitment and training of new staff.


It is therefore crucial for organizations to find a balance where workload is challenging yet achievable and to provide supportive measures, such as sufficient rest periods and mental health support, to maintain a healthy working environment.

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How does the workload module help measure workload?


Identifying Causes

The module helps you identify the most important factors that lead to high workload and stress among employees.


Targeted actions at team level

Based on identified causes, specific actions can be developed per team to quickly and easily improve workload within teams.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Continuous monitoring and feedback ensure that interventions are permanently tailored to needs and that you continue to monitor your progress.

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Workload statistics

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of employers indicate that work pressure is one of the most important risks.

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of employees indicate that work pressure or work stress is the reason for absenteeism.

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of all absenteeism costs are due to work stress.

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costs per absent employee due to work pressure.

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