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What is absenteeism?

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Absenteeism refers to the situation in which an employee is absent from work when he or she should normally be present. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as illness, injuries, medical appointments, unplanned events, or other personal reasons.

Absenteeism can be short-term (e.g. a day or a few days) or long-term, and it often affects the productivity and functioning of an organization. What is short-term absenteeism? Short-term absenteeism refers to absence from work for a relatively short period of time, usually for a day or a few days, due to illness, doctor visits, personal appointments or other short unplanned events.

What does an absenteeism case manager do?

An absenteeism case manager is essential for managing the absenteeism process within an organization. They supervise sick employees, communicate with healthcare providers, draw up reintegration plans, coordinate reintegration activities and monitor the absenteeism process. Their role is crucial in supporting employees during their period of absence and promoting a successful return to work.

A case manager can also take a holistic view. This means that in addition to the health of an employee, the case manager can also look at environmental factors. In this way, a case manager can ensure that an employee improves, but also ensure that the team in which the employee works functions better to proactively reduce absenteeism.

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What is frequent absenteeism?

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Frequent absenteeism refers to repeated absences of an employee due to short-term illness or occasional leave. It may indicate underlying health problems, lack of motivation, or other personal or professional challenges. That is why it is important not only to look at the clinical picture, but also to see how the organization can develop to reduce absenteeism.

It can help to measure environmental factors that contribute to absenteeism. For example, if the team dynamic does not feel comfortable, someone is more likely to call in sick. This is often overlooked, which is why absenteeism is and remains high.

What is absenteeism legally?

Legally, default means failure to fulfill contractual obligations within the agreed period. This becomes particularly relevant when a party receives a 'notice of default', which formally indicates that it has not fulfilled its agreements and is given a final period in which to fulfill its obligations. After this period the party is 'in default'.


Some agreements establish a 'fatal term'; this is a specific deadline for which obligations must be fulfilled. Exceeding this deadline automatically leads to default, without the need for notice of default. The legal concept of default is crucial for effectuating legal remedies and claiming damages or other contractual sanctions.

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How does the Deepler absenteeism module help reduce absenteeism?

Identifying Causes

The absenteeism module measures specific themes related to the working environment, making it clear which factors contribute to absenteeism and what you need to change to reduce absenteeism.

Targeted actions at team level

By gaining insight into the specific causes of absenteeism per team, managers can take more targeted actions to improve the working environment and reduce absenteeism.

Continuous Feedback Loop

By continuously collecting and evaluating feedback, organizations can intervene in time and make adjustments that improve working conditions and combat absenteeism.

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Statistics on absenteeism

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of employees have been absent from work in the past year.

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of employees experience burnout complaints that ultimately lead to absenteeism.

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indicates that work is part of the cause of their last absenteeism.

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Indicates that absenteeism is related to excessive workload.

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