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What is CSRD and what does it stand for? What does the CSRD Directive entail? What is CSRD reporting? What is the CSRD legislation and what is the meaning of CSRD? We are happy to answer these questions for you.


We are also happy to explain to you how you can make your CSRD measurable with our research module 'CSRD'.

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What does CSRD mean?

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The meaning of CSRD is Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure. It is important because it allows companies to take responsibility for their impact on society and the environment. By being transparent about their corporate social responsibility efforts, companies can increase consumer and investor confidence and contribute to sustainable development.

How can I make CSRD measurable?

To make CSRD measurable, you can use various methods. One possible approach is to set measurable goals for CSRD, such as the number of complaints resolved within a certain time, customer satisfaction scores after receiving support, or the number of new customers attracted by the quality of customer service.

You can also use customer feedback, for example through surveys or interviews, to gain insight into their experiences and measure how well CSRD is performing. It is also important to regularly evaluate and analyze the CSRD team's performance, for example through reporting and statistics, to identify any areas for improvement and work towards continuous improvement.

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Why is reporting on CSRD mandatory in the Netherlands?

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Reporting on CSRD is mandatory in the Netherlands because it helps promote transparency and accountability in business. It enables companies to measure and communicate their sustainability and social responsibility performance.

In addition, it contributes to identifying risks and opportunities in the field of sustainability, and taking appropriate measures to address them. It is also a way to comply with international standards and guidelines in the field of sustainability and social responsibility.

What should I measure for CSRD?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires companies to report on a wide range of sustainability aspects, including important social components. With the Deepler module, companies can make these social aspects effective and measurable.


Specifically, the module focuses on measuring employee satisfaction, diversity and inclusion within the workforce, and the company's impact on local communities. These factors are crucial for assessing a company's social capital. The module helps collect relevant data through surveys, feedback mechanisms and other monitoring tools.


By measuring these social indicators, organizations can not only meet CSRD reporting requirements, but also gain insights needed to improve and strengthen their social responsibility strategies, ultimately leading to more sustainable and ethical business operations.

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How does the Deepler CSRD module help make CSRD measurable?


Identifying Causes

Deepler can analyze data and recognize patterns, allowing you to quickly and easily find out where you are or are not doing sustainably. This way you report in 2 minutes.


Targeted actions at team level

By making sustainability transparent at team level, you place ownership of sustainability as low as possible in the organization. This way you can make quick and targeted improvements.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Through continuous feedback on social sustainability, you monitor your progress and see the impact of the initiatives you take. Together with your employees, you work towards more sustainable working.

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CSRD statistics

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Data points needed to report properly on CSRD.

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of organizations in 2023 will have dealt with energy consumption more efficiently.

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of organizations will have started imposing sustainability requirements on partners by 2023.

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of Gen Z indicate that their feedback on sustainability leads to improvement.

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