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Teams and leadership

Are you interested in teams and leadership? In this introduction we will answer some frequently asked questions about this topic. What is personal leadership and how does it differ from servant leadership and situational leadership? What does leadership actually mean and what qualities are essential for effective leadership? And don't forget, what are the 7 traits of effective leadership?

We would also like to explain to you how the Deepler research module 'Teams and leadership' helps to make leadership and team dynamics in your organization measurable.

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What is leadership?

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Leadership is the ability to inspire, motivate and guide others to achieve shared goals. It is about taking responsibility, showing vision and creating an environment in which people can develop and excel. Leadership is also about making decisions, setting priorities and creating a culture of trust and collaboration within an organization.

Good leadership is essential for the ins and outs of your organization. Especially now that the labor market is tighter than ever before, monitoring helps to ensure good leadership in your organization.

What is situational leadership and why is it important?

Situational leadership is a leadership style in which the leader adapts his approach to the specific situation and the needs of the employees. It is important because it ensures effective communication, involvement and motivation of employees.


By applying situational leadership, a leader can provide the right support and promote employee development. This leads to higher productivity and satisfaction within the team.

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What is personal leadership?

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Personal leadership is the ability to lead yourself and take responsibility for your own life and goals. It's about taking initiative, setting goals, making choices and taking action to shape your own life. It also involves developing self-awareness, self-confidence and self-discipline to act effectively and inspire others.

How can I improve teams and leadership?

To improve teams and leadership within an organization, it is essential to first understand the specific needs of employees. This can be done through structured evaluations and feedback mechanisms that provide insight into both current satisfaction and staff desires regarding leadership styles and team dynamics. Effective tools such as surveys, focus groups and one-on-one conversations can be used to collect this data.

Once these needs are clear, you can implement interventions to improve matters. This can range from strengthening communication skills and conflict resolution to promoting cohesion and collaboration within teams.

By focusing on targeted improvements, organizations can increase the effectiveness of their teams and leaders, leading to a better organization.

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How does the 'teams and leadership' module help make leadership measurable?


Identifying Causes

The module examines the dynamics and leadership qualities within teams to identify bottlenecks in leadership and team interactions. This way you know where you need to develop.


Targeted actions at team level

Insight into your team and leadership at team level. This way you can make targeted interventions and you know exactly how you can help managers develop themselves and their teams.


Continuous Feedback Loop

By monitoring progress and adjusting strategies based on feedback, you ensure continuous improvement in leadership and team dynamics and thus a better organization.

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Statistics Teams and leadership

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of managers would like to further improve their own leadership.

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of millennials are concerned about the leadership in their organization.

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of the corporate has to do with 'leadership gaps'.

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of employees experience burnout due to poor leadership.

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