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Employee Satisfaction

Are you curious about how you can keep employees satisfied? Do you want to know when an employee is satisfied and what makes them satisfied? In this article we will discuss the importance of an employee satisfaction survey and how you can ensure that your employees are satisfied. The Deepler module 'Employee Satisfaction (MTO)' gives you the answers.

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What makes employees satisfied?

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There are several factors that make employees satisfied. A good working atmosphere and pleasant cooperation with colleagues are important. Appreciation and recognition for the work they do also plays a major role.


In addition, it is important that employees have sufficient challenge and development opportunities in their work. A good balance between work and private life is also important for satisfaction. Appropriate salary and good employment conditions also play a role in satisfying employees.

You can easily gain insight into all these matters using the Deepler research module 'Employee Satisfaction'. This way you know in 2 minutes which themes are going well and where improvement is needed.

How do I get employees satisfied?

To keep employees satisfied, it is important to promote open communication, show appreciation for their work, support work-life balance, and provide opportunities for professional development.


Yet every organization is unique. Continuously listening to needs and feedback is essential to create a positive working environment in which they feel valued and involved, but also not to waste energy on initiatives that employees do not really want. Good conversation is necessary for this. The Deepler module helps you determine the themes about which you should have this good conversation.

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What are the benefits of an employee satisfaction survey?

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When done properly, an employee satisfaction survey provides insight into employee satisfaction and engagement, which can help identify problems and improve the work environment. In this way, you reduce turnover and absenteeism, among other things.


It can also help increase productivity, reduce turnover and improve overall work culture. In addition, it can also help identify opportunities for growth and development within the company.

How to measure employee satisfaction?

Measuring employee satisfaction is crucial for improving the work environment and increasing productivity. An effective method of doing this is by using short, scientifically validated questionnaires. These questionnaires are essential because they provide accurate, reliable data while causing minimal disruption to work. They should focus on core aspects of the work experience, such as job satisfaction, engagement, and work-life balance.


The results of these surveys provide valuable insights into the needs and expectations of employees, which enables organizations to implement targeted improvements that directly contribute to higher employee satisfaction.

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How does the 'Employee Satisfaction' module help to measure satisfaction?


Identifying Causes

The module helps determine the factors that contribute to or detract from employee satisfaction within the organization.


Targeted actions at team level

By gaining insight at team level into why employees are dissatisfied or satisfied, you know how to improve this and take targeted actions.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Continuously collecting feedback and improving ensures that improvements effectively contribute to employee satisfaction. You can also monitor your progress this way.

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Employee Satisfaction Statistics

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average satisfaction among employees.

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of employees indicate that their satisfaction is influenced by management.

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of employees are looking for another job.

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of employees believe that the quality of feedback should be improved.

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