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Are you looking for the meaning of productivity? Are you wondering what exactly productivity means and how you can increase it? Do you want to know how to calculate productivity? And are you curious whether your employer is allowed to measure your productivity?


In this article we will answer all these questions and explain how you can become more productive with Deepler's 'productivity' module.

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How can I increase my productivity at work?

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Productivity is the extent to which a person, team or organization is able to perform efficient and effective work and achieve results. It refers to the amount of work done in a given time, as well as the quality of work delivered.

Making environmental factors that influence your productivity measurable helps you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This way you help your team become more productive.

How to increase productivity?

There are several ways to increase your productivity at work. One of the most important is setting clear goals and priorities. By knowing what you want to achieve and what is most important, you can use your time and energy more efficiently.


In addition, it is important to avoid distractions as much as possible. Try to focus on one task at a time and turn off notifications from your phone or computer. It can also help to take regular breaks. By stepping away from your workplace for a moment and clearing your mind, you can get back to work fresh and focused.


Everyone has their own way to become more productive. Measuring the obstacles in team productivity helps to choose a targeted approach.

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Can your employer measure your productivity?

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Yes, your employer may measure your productivity. This can be done, for example, by tracking your performance, analyzing your output or using special software. It is important to make clear agreements about this with your employer and to guarantee your privacy.

However, it is even more important that your employer makes it measurable what influences productivity in the workplace. This way you work together towards increased productivity and you benefit together.

Improve my team's productivity

Improving a team's productivity starts with carefully measuring factors that could hinder it. By gaining insight into what exactly slows down work or reduces effectiveness, targeted interventions can be planned.


This requires a combination of quantitative data analysis and qualitative feedback from team members to gain a complete picture of the work processes. This includes identifying bottlenecks in workflows, insufficient resources or tools, and communication issues within the team.


Once identified, specific strategies can be implemented, such as streamlining processes, improving communications technologies or providing additional training. By continuously measuring and adapting, teams can perform their work more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and overall team satisfaction.

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How does the productivity module help make productivity measurable?

Identifying Causes

The module helps you identify the specific bottlenecks and inefficiencies that hinder employee productivity. Employees provide you with ideas to improve it.

Targeted actions at team level

Productivity is transparent at team level. This allows teams to implement targeted improvements that directly impact their daily work and productivity.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Continuously evaluating progress ensures that adjustments can be made to sustainably improve productivity. Driven by your employees.

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Productivity statistics

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During the day you are really productive, the rest often not.

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extra costs per employee, due to less productivity due to fatigue.

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increase in global productivity between 1979 and 2020.

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of employees indicate that they are less productive due to personal circumstances.

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