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Through recurring surveys, feedback is constantly collected from the entire organization in one central place. In addition, ideas are shared, and there can be voting and commenting on improvement proposals to come up with appropriate solutions.

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Reasons why Deepler makes impact

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Don't waste collective intelligence!

The solutions to the challenges within your company are within reach, and Deepler can help you find them. By improving collaboration and communication between different departments, teams, and individuals, you can gain new insights that lead to an efficient and innovative organization.

Shift your focus to tangible improvements

Is your HR department constantly putting out fires and solving short-term problems? Deepler brings structure and helps you focus on what really matters within your organization. By using data smartly, you always know what leads to actual improvement.

Know what you're working on

Many organizations are already working on improvement projects, but they invest time, money, and energy in the wrong things. Deepler provides insights based on employee input, so you know exactly where the pain points are and how to solve them. This prevents unnecessary work, with solutions supported by the entire organization.

Retain your employees and expand your culture

Deepler demonstrably increases job satisfaction. On the one hand, employees are directly heard, and on the other hand, problems in their immediate work environment are solved. By tapping into the collective intelligence of employees, the corporate culture improves, and employee retention increases.


About Deepler

Deepler was founded by a group of passionate innovators with diverse backgrounds, including software engineering, management consulting, and human resources. The team sees the potential of tapping into employees' collective intelligence to drive organizational improvements. We realize that traditional top-down decision-making is often slow and ineffective for real, lasting change. On the other hand, bottom-up improvement does lead to sustainable solutions. With Deepler, we want to unleash the power and knowledge within organizations. By tapping into the knowledge and ideas of every individual within the organization, we make it possible to translate this into clear action points.

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“With the Deepler software, you guys enabled us to clearly identify where our improvement areas lay and showed these on a very detailed level. We then embarked on several easy-to-follow improvement trajectories, we were able to achieve a very consistent increase in all of them through your advice.”


HR Manager at Sterksen

Veerle van Eijndhoven

"Deepler is a great tool for continuously collecting valuable feedback from employees and making it available in one central place for us as management."


HR Business Partner Nedcargo

Jolanda Overbeek

"Deepler has had a positive impact on our organization. By better understanding what is happening on the work floor and the solutions people propose for improvements, we can make more effective decisions. The platform has enabled us to obtain real-time insights and take action through the tool. We are very satisfied with the impact that Deepler has had on our company."



Amadeus Geelhuysen

"We have used tools for measuring employee input for years. Deepler is the tool for us to finally be able to carry out thorough follow-up initiatives."



Erik Janse

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