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New software updates

Updated: Jul 1

At Deepler, we continue to innovate to provide you and our partners with the best tools to effectively understand what's going on in an organization. With the latest update, we're introducing a number of new features designed to make this even easier and faster.

Updates: 25.06.2024:

1. Quick trend analysis

With the "quick trend analysis" you can immediately see how the values change compared to previous measurements. This function provides a clear overview of inflows and outflows and thus gives you a quick and efficient insight into the dynamics within your company. This makes it easier to react quickly to changes and have the right conversation in a timely manner.

Dashboard with deeper trends and scores

2. Three new research modules

We are introducing three new research modules to help you measure and improve different aspects of your organization:


This module contains valid topics that determine onboarding effectiveness. It makes onboarding measurable so you can monitor how effective your onboarding processes are and how new employees experience their first few months.


This module helps measure and manage workload in your company by gaining insights into work pressure and its causes. This way, improvements can be made to increase employee productivity and satisfaction.


This module allows you to accurately measure team productivity and see what influences productivity. The module helps improve organizational efficiency and performance and ensures more productive teams.

3. Link2Consultant

Link2Consultant makes it easy for partners and organizations to connect with each other. Just as an accountant has access to their clients' online administration, our partners can request a link to their clients' dashboards. This allows them to remotely monitor and adjust changes in results.

Deepler Advisors Link2Consultant

4. Accuracy ratio

In the Deepler dashboard, organizations can now see the validity ratio in addition to the response rate. This ratio shows how accurate and valid the results in the dashboard are during the research. The more respondents take part in the surveys, the higher the validity ratio becomes. This helps customers understand how reliable the control information shown in the Deepler dashboard is while the research is still in progress.

Deepler Survey Statistics

These updates are designed to make it even faster and easier to measure and know what's going on in the organization. All part of our mission to make every employee a consultant to the organization . For more information and support, visit our website or contact our team.

Deepler's latest software updates provide powerful tools to improve and optimize your business. With features like rapid trend analysis, new research modules, Link2Consultant, and accuracy ratios, you can respond more effectively to change and better meet the needs of your employees.

For more information about Deepler, visit .


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