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Improve employee satisfaction in 7 steps

Updated: Jul 1

The '7 Steps of Change' is an approach to change management that is heavily inspired by the work of John Kotter, a leading expert in the field of leadership and change. Kotter's well-known model, originally consisting of eight steps, was developed to help organizations implement changes effectively. This methodology emphasizes the importance of leadership, strategic vision, and communication to achieve successful and sustainable change.

The '7 Steps of Change' method can also be used for organizations that strive for higher employee satisfaction. Based on these steps, we have developed a plan to increase satisfaction within your organization.

Step 1: Create Urgency around Employee Satisfaction

To initiate a change around employee satisfaction, it is essential to create urgency. Start with an employee satisfaction survey to clarify the current state of affairs. Share the results of this research with the team to emphasize the importance of change and create broad support.

Step 2: Form a Guiding Coalition

Integrate influential leaders and employees into a guiding coalition that will support and promote improving employee satisfaction. This coalition must be diverse and represent different departments and levels within the organization to ensure effective implementation of changes. This coalition is your dream team to increase satisfaction.

Step 3: Develop a Vision and Strategy

Develop a clear and inspiring vision of how improving employee satisfaction will impact the organization. Connect this vision with concrete strategies such as implementing regular employee satisfaction measurements to monitor progress and make adjustments when necessary.

Step 4: Communicate the Change Vision

Communicate the vision and benefits of increased employee satisfaction widely and regularly. Use different communication platforms to reach everyone in the organization. This can be done, for example, through Narrow Casting, newsletters and during day starts. Make sure the message of how employee satisfaction will be measured and improved is clear to everyone.

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Step 5: Remove Obstacles that stand in the way of improving employee satisfaction

Identify barriers to improving employee satisfaction, such as insufficient resources or restrictive processes. Actively work to remove these obstacles and ensure employees receive the necessary support to remain engaged and satisfied.

Step 6: Create Short-Term Successes

Set goals for short-term successes that are clearly measurable through employee satisfaction measurements. Celebrating these successes helps keep morale high and emphasizes the importance of the continued focus on employee satisfaction.

Step 7: Anchor the Changes in the Culture

Ensure that improvements in employee satisfaction are deeply anchored in the corporate culture. Integrate the practices of measuring and improving employee satisfaction into the organization's daily routines and policies to ensure lasting impact.

By following these seven steps, your organization can create a work environment in which employees feel valued and involved. This not only contributes to higher employee satisfaction, but also strengthens the general performance and competitive position of your organization in the labor market.

Curious about how to set up and properly conduct an employee satisfaction survey? Read it here .


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