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Compare Deepler and Effectory

We do not pretend that we are better in every area. However, we are better in some areas. Choose the solution that suits your needs.

Comparison between Deepler and Effectory

When choosing between Deepler and Effectory for employee feedback, Deepler offers an innovative approach that helps you respond quickly to changes. We make research practical and impactful with frequent pulse measurements and team-specific reports.

Smart Surveys


Data validiteit

Speed of results

Measurable follow-up

Snelheid van implementatie

Response rate

Established name in the US

Established name abroad

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Choose for Employee Satisfaction 2.0

The traditional employee survey is out of fashion. Why? Questionnaires take a long time, are irrelevant and follow-up does not have the desired effect.


With Deepler we combat survey fatigue through short 2-minute questionnaires, measurable follow-up and clear development objectives.

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Insight into specific causes in 2 minutes

Deepler works with research modules. These modules contain themes that are relevant to you. This way you measure in 2 minutes what you need to know to reduce your turnover.

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Targeted actions at team level

With insight into the causes, you can carry out targeted interventions. The scores and solutions are visible at team level, which helps you implement improvements easily and quickly.

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Accessible monitoring

By continuously collecting and analyzing feedback, you can manage more proactively, but you also measure your progress. This way you are continuously informed of what is going on and changing.

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5 reasons why...


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Personalization Surveys

Deepler offers personalized surveys using AI, where each questionnaire is unique and tailored to the language and experience of the employee. This increases engagement and ensures more relevant and accurate answers.


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Data immediately available in reports

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With the help of artificial intelligence, we analyze data fully automatically in under a minute. This ensures that the results are immediately visible to you during the research.


Measurable and plannable follow-up

In addition to improvement interventions suggested by AI, Deepler also offers measurable follow-up, which allows organizations to measure the effectiveness of their interventions and adjust where necessary. This way you save time in realizing improvements.

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For us, all-in-one really means all-in-one.

With Deepler, all functionalities are included as standard in the package. This means organizations do not need to purchase additional add-ons to access essential features, unlike traditional survey solutions where many extras must be purchased separately.


Scientifically Valid Questionnaires

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Deepler's questionnaires are based on scientific research and contain control questions to ensure validity. As a result, Deepler provides data that can serve as reliable management information. Traditional methods often lack this scientific basis, which can lead to less reliable results.

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Curious about measurable HR?

Deepler helps to measure and understand the undercurrent in your organization.

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