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Absenteeism interview

An absence interview is intended to discuss the causes of an employee's absence and find solutions to promote return to work. This conversation also helps identify any adjustments or support that may be needed. During the absenteeism interview it is important to communicate openly and honestly. The manager must reassure the employee and create a safe environment in which the employee feels comfortable expressing his or her concerns.

It is also essential to analyze the frequency and duration of absenteeism and discuss whether there are any patterns that indicate an underlying problem. For example, repeated absences on specific days or times may indicate personal or work-related issues that need to be addressed.

During the conversation, possible causes of absenteeism should be discussed, such as workload, working conditions, personal problems or health issues. The manager should try to get a complete picture of the situation and understand how these factors contribute to absenteeism. Possible solutions and adjustments can then be identified to support the employee and reduce absenteeism. This may include adjusting working hours, offering flexible work options or referring you to medical or psychological support.

The goal is to create a plan that helps the employee become productive again and reduce the risk of future absenteeism. It is important to regularly evaluate and adjust these plans based on employee progress and feedback.

What do you need to discuss?


  • Verzamel verzuimgegevens van de medewerker

  • Identificeer patronen of terugkerende problemen

  • Bereid vragen voor over de oorzaken van verzuim


  • Bespreek de verzuimgegevens met de medewerker

  • Vraag naar de oorzaken van het verzuim

  • Identificeer mogelijke oplossingen en aanpassingen

  • Stel een plan op voor terugkeer naar werk


  • Vat de besproken punten samen

  • Documenteer het terugkeerplan

  • Plan opvolggesprekken om voortgang te monitoren

Do not forget:

  • Verzuimrapportages

  • Medische adviezen

  • Documentatie van aanpassingen

  • Notitieblok of digitale notitietool

How do you follow up on this conversation?

  • Zorg voor regelmatige opvolging van het terugkeerplan

  • Monitor de voortgang en pas het plan aan indien nodig

  • Bied ondersteuning en middelen om terugkeer naar werk te vergemakkelijken

  • Houd contact met de medewerker om eventuele nieuwe problemen snel te identificeren

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