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Real-time feedback model

Deepler makes it easy for your employees to have their say and give feedback in recurring surveys. Through smart data collection, everyone contributes to a successful organization.


Concrete improvement projects

In addition to in-depth analysis and insights, Deepler offers concrete, adaptive, and personalized improvement projects. Because they run at different levels and over different periods, they can transform an organization sustainably.


Make the trendline your guiding principle

Deepler translates all data into easy-to-read visualizations that give you immediate insight into the progress of the various improvement projects within your organization.

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The 6 Deepler Pillars are the building blocks of a successful organization

Collecting collective intelligence with Deepler is modular. You can create your own survey and the collective intelligence provides customized solutions for your organization. With our survey, which covers more than 400 topics related to the 6 Deepler Pillars - people, finance, process, product, strategy, and sustainability - you can gather specific insights that form the basis for personalized strategies and improvements. Deepler makes it easy to incorporate these insights directly into your strategy and thus increase the success of your organization. Learn how to turn employees into consultants and build a future-proof organization with Deepler.

Bottom-up alignment

In every stage of bottom-up alignment, Deepler facilitates your organisation’s continuous improvement. Deepler does this by helping your organisation improve your: team alignment, division alignment, organisational alignment.


How Deepler leads you to Success

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Implementation support

Deepler assigns a dedicated implementation team to guide your organisation through the setup process, ensuring a smooth transition and effective integration with your existing systems and processes.


Onboarding & training

Deepler offers a tailored onboarding and training session for your organization's team members, including hands-on demonstrations, webinars, and instructional materials, to help them understand the platform and maximize its benefits.


Partner ecosystem

Deepler's partner ecosystem plays a vital role in helping organizations improve various aspects of their organisation by leveraging the Deepler software. The diverse range of partners, each with expertise in different areas, allows organizations to find tailored solutions for the specific challenges they face.

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