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Attracting and retaining

Deepler encourages employees to share ideas, departments to collaborate, and to share skills and knowledge. Engaged employees are 21% more productive, and retaining employees is essential to maintaining a consistent level of productivity.

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Aligning strategy and operations

Companies that align their operations with their overall strategy are 17% more likely to experience revenue growth. By aligning operations and strategy, companies can increase efficiency, reduce waste, and eliminate unnecessary processes. This can lead to an increase of up to 20% in labour utilization.

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More success with a culture of openness

Research shows that breaking down barriers between different departments can lead to a reduction in errors of up to 50%. Companies that encourage a culture of collaboration also have twice the chance of a faster time-to-market. Learn how breaking down barriers can contribute to better performance for your company.


Employees are the core of your organisation

Your organization is full of talent, but how do you get the best out of their ideas? With Deepler, the platform that identifies and harnesses the collective intelligence of your organization! Employees can easily share their ideas, feedback, and insights on a central platform. This way, you discover opportunities for improvement and encourage innovation and success. Deepler is user-friendly, and the search function makes it easy to quickly find relevant information. And with powerful collaboration tools, ideas are turned into concrete plans. Harness the collective intelligence of your employees with Deepler for impactful improvements!

Solving the problems of management

As an HR specialist or upper management, you're undoubtedly familiar with the challenges of attracting and retaining top talent, promoting continuous improvement, and fostering a positive work environment. Deepler has been developed with your needs in mind, providing a practical solution to help you navigate these challenges and create a cohesive organization.


Respected by Clients

Since its launch, Deepler has gained traction with organizations across various industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Clients have praised the platform for its ability to streamline communication, break down silos, and drive meaningful change through employee engagement and data-driven insights. Today, Deepler continues to evolve and expand its features, with the ultimate goal: “Zero waste of Collective Intelligence”


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55 mln.

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What our clients say

“With the Deepler software, you guys enabled us to clearly identify where our improvement areas lay and showed these on a very detailed level. We then embarked on several easy-to-follow improvement trajectories, we were able to achieve a very consistent increase in all of them through your advice.”


HR Manager at Sterksen

Veerle van Eijndhoven

"We have used tools for measuring employee input for years. Deepler is the tool for us to finally be able to carry out thorough follow-up initiatives."



Erik Janse

Frequently Asked Questions

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Whats different about Deepler's surveys?

Surveys take, on average, under 2 minutes to complete. Questions are assigned to employees according to their function and seniority within the organisation. Suppose questions assigned to a specific employee are not applicable. In that case, they can inform the software, making it less likely that the question will appear to that employee in the future. Question answers are measured on a six-point scale from disagree to agree.

What aspects of an organisation does Deepler cover?

Deepler has over 400+ organisational topics covered both operational and intangible. Under the 6 Deepler pillars of successful organisations: People, Finance, Process, Product, Strategy and Sustainability.

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