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Onboarding conversation

An onboarding conversation is intended to welcome new employees and integrate them into the organization. The goal is to inform the employee about the organizational culture, expectations, and to provide them with the necessary resources and support to start successfully. An effective onboarding process begins before the new employee arrives on the first day of work.

It is important to have a structured onboarding program that covers all important aspects of the organization and the role. This includes providing information about the organization's mission, vision and values, as well as practical details such as working hours, procedures and available resources.

During the onboarding conversation, the manager should introduce the new employee to the team and provide an overview of the company structure and culture. It is also important to clearly communicate the new employee's role and responsibilities and answer any questions.

An office tour can help the new employee familiarize themselves with the area and get to know important locations, such as meeting rooms, the cafeteria and emergency exits. In addition, the manager must provide all necessary equipment and access to systems and tools that the employee needs to do his or her job.

It is also useful to appoint a mentor or buddy who can guide and support the new employee during the first few weeks. Regular check-ins and follow-up calls are crucial to monitor onboarding progress and make any necessary adjustments.

A well-executed onboarding process can significantly improve new hire satisfaction and engagement, leading to higher retention and productivity.

What do you need to discuss?


  • Bereid een welkomstpakket voor

  • Stel een introductieschema op

  • Informeer het team over de nieuwe medewerker


  • Stel de nieuwe medewerker voor aan het team

  • Bespreek de bedrijfsstructuur en -cultuur

  • Geef een overzicht van de functie en verwachtingen

  • Bied een rondleiding door het kantoor


  • Vat de belangrijkste informatie samen

  • Beantwoord eventuele vragen van de medewerker

  • Plan een opvolggesprek om de voortgang te beoordelen

Do not forget:

  • Welkomstpakket

  • Introductieschema

  • Organisatiestructuur en -cultuur documentatie

  • Notitieblok of digitale notitietool

How do you follow up on this conversation?

  • Plan regelmatige check-ins om de voortgang te monitoren

  • Zorg ervoor dat de medewerker toegang heeft tot alle benodigde middelen en ondersteuning

  • Beoordeel de integratie van de medewerker in het team

  • Bied aanvullende training indien nodig

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