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Conflict mediation

A conflict resolution meeting is intended to discuss and resolve conflicts between employees. The goal is to find a constructive solution that is acceptable to all involved and improves cooperation. Conflicts in the workplace can have various causes, such as misunderstandings, communication problems, personality differences or work pressure. It is important to address these conflicts quickly and effectively to maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

During the conflict resolution meeting, the manager must act as a mediator and take a neutral position. It is important to give both parties the opportunity to share their perspectives without interruptions. This helps to promote mutual understanding and expose the core of the conflict.

The leader should also ask questions to dig deeper into the causes of the conflict and explore possible solutions. It can be helpful to discuss scenarios where the employees have worked together successfully before and identify what worked then.

After discussing the causes and possible solutions, concrete steps should be taken to resolve the conflict. This may, for example, mean that agreements are made about communication, responsibilities or division of work. It is essential to record these agreements in writing and schedule follow-up meetings to monitor progress.

Conflict resolution requires patience and perseverance. By taking a structured and empathetic approach, conflicts can be turned into opportunities for growth and improvement within the team.

What do you need to discuss?


  • Verzamel informatie over het conflict

  • Identificeer de betrokken partijen

  • Bereid vragen en gespreksstrategieën voor


  • Bespreek het conflict met alle betrokkenen

  • Luister naar de standpunten van elke partij

  • Identificeer de onderliggende oorzaken van het conflict

  • Stel mogelijke oplossingen voor


  • Vat de afgesproken oplossingen samen

  • Documenteer de afspraken en acties

  • Plan opvolggesprekken om de voortgang te beoordelen

Do not forget:

  • Conflictanalyseformulier

  • Documentatie van afspraken

  • Mediatiehandleiding

  • Notitieblok of digitale notitietool

How do you follow up on this conversation?

  • Zorg voor regelmatige opvolging van de afgesproken oplossingen

  • Monitor de voortgang en pas de aanpak aan indien nodig

  • Bied ondersteuning om verdere conflicten te voorkomen

  • Houd een open communicatiekanaal met alle betrokkenen

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