Employee Satisfaction Survey

Measuring employee satisfaction is just the beginning. Deepler assists you with follow-up and internal communication, so you can show that input leads to improvement. Do you really want to make a difference and take action based on feedback? See how Deepler tackles it. For general information on employee satisfaction surveys, read on.


The power of input and impact combined





Knowing what's going on not only increases productivity and efficiency, but also contributes to a positive work environment and employee satisfaction.

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What is an employee satisfaction survey?

An employee satisfaction survey is a tool used by organizations to measure and assess the level of satisfaction, engagement, and well-being of their employees. Sometime other strategic topic are also taken into account.

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Why Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Because an employee satisfaction survey is an essential tool for measuring employee engagement and satisfaction, which directly influences the productivity and success of the organization. Ideally, this happens in an accessible and continuous manner.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey questionnaire

We are happy to assist you free of charge with some statements for a sample employee satisfaction survey so you can get started quickly. Contact us and we'll gladly help you further with scientifically substantiated questions.

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What does an employee satisfaction survey cost?

Some online platforms offer basic surveys for free, while comprehensive, customized surveys conducted by specialized firms can cost more. It's best to search for a provider that really fits you, and adds most value to your organisation.

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Employee satisfaction survey anonymous or not?

An employee satisfaction survey is not always anonymous. It strongly depends on the provider of the survey and their core values. Anonymity is essential for creating psychological safety in the workplace and for the objective collection of input.

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Free employee satisfaction survey

A free employee satisfaction survey is often a good choice to start with. However, be careful in the survey as asking questions incorrectly and the way of collecting input can sometimes also have a negative effect on engagement.