October 24, 2023

Inspiring Onboarding Examples: Best Practices from Leading Organisations

Discover how leading organisations excel in the art of employee onboarding with inspirational examples. From Google's personalized 'buddy' system to Salesforce's gamified learning platform, these practices offer insights to craft your own exceptional onboarding program. Learn how Deepler's onboarding implementation can elevate your approach, all for the sake of nurturing a thriving workplace and culture of excellence.

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Inspiring Onboarding Examples: Best Practices from Leading Organisations

Onboarding is a pivotal phase in the employee journey, and it's even more critical when it's done exceptionally well. In this blog post, we delve into inspiring examples of successful onboarding programs from industry leaders. Our focus is on sharing best practices and practical insights to inspire you in crafting your own effective onboarding program.

Onboarding a Culture of Success

1. Google's Innovative Welcome: Google is renowned for its innovative approach. They assign 'buddies' to new hires to help them navigate the vast organization, ensuring a seamless integration. This personal touch not only fosters teamwork but also reduces the overwhelming feeling of being part of a massive corporation.

2. Salesforce's Trailhead: Salesforce's Trailhead is an exemplary model of gamified learning. Their online platform offers a fun and interactive way for new employees to learn about the company, its values, and processes. This type of creative onboarding keeps employees engaged and eager to explore more.

3. Airbnb's Employee Offer: Airbnb takes onboarding to another level with an enticing 'employee offer.' Before Day 1, employees receive a personalized email that welcomes them with open arms and provides insights into the company's mission. It's a warm and inspiring start to their journey with Airbnb.

Crafting an Impactful Onboarding Experience

  1. Facebook's Orientation and Beyond: Facebook extends its onboarding program far beyond the first week. Their '30/60/90-day plan' ensures new employees receive structured support and guidance as they progress in their roles, nurturing their development over time.
  2. Microsoft's Holacracy Exploration: Microsoft's onboarding approach involves introducing new hires to its unique management system, Holacracy. This empowers employees with the knowledge and tools needed to shape their roles and contribute effectively from the get-go.
  3. Netflix's Culture Code: Netflix's culture code is an extraordinary document that serves as a guide for employees. It emphasizes the company's core values, encouraging talent to thrive in a culture of freedom and responsibility.

Creating Your Onboarding Success Story

  1. GE's Digital Orientation: General Electric (GE) offers a digital orientation program that leverages technology to introduce new employees to their roles, company culture, and GE's rich history. This modern approach exemplifies how technology can be a powerful onboarding tool.
  2. HubSpot's Cultural Onboarding: HubSpot's focus on cultural onboarding is a beacon for employee engagement. Their 'Culture Code Deck' outlines the company's culture, expectations, and mission. This comprehensive insight ensures new hires are aligned with HubSpot's values.
  3. Zappos' Different Perspective: Zappos is known for its unique approach. They offer employees a month-long onboarding process, culminating with an enticing 'Quit Offer.' New hires receive a monetary offer to leave if they feel the company isn't the right fit. It's a bold move to ensure a cohesive and dedicated team.

Deepler's Onboarding implementation

Deepler is a multifaceted tool of which you can use to gather the experiences from your current onboarding program and enhance or rebuild it with the knowledge of your employees behind you. Use that collective knowledge to build the correct implementation plan with key players of the onboarding program and get real-time, measurable, feedback on how your different action points have contributed to your onboarding programs success. If this topic interests you, please get into contact with Deepler! We are eager to help you find your onboarding solution, with or without our product.

Successful onboarding is a multifaceted journey that goes beyond paperwork and formalities. These inspiring examples from leading organizations demonstrate that creating an engaging, informative, and welcoming onboarding process can set the stage for employee success and organizational growth. By incorporating these best practices into your own onboarding program, you can inspire and equip your new hires to thrive from day one.

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