March 12, 2023

Deepler raises a million for innovation

Deepler's innovative tooling makes employees consultants and improves the structural efficiency of organizations, resulting in better performance and returns from existing employees.

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Know your business and make your employees your consultants. That is the core of Deepler’s advanced tooling, which gives companies a better and more honest understanding of their organisation. Thanks in part to the software’s innovative power and enormous potential, Deepler raised one million euros in investments in 2022. It underlines the market’s belief in Deepler’s approach and provides a springboard for further development.

Structural Improvement of the organisation

Deepler’s innovative tooling allows employees to speak freely about the performance of their organisation. The Deepler software processes and clusters the various insights and perspectives, covering all disciplines of operations. With frequent ‘pulse-checks’, the information is retrieved in just two minutes and is scientifically based. This involves many challenging propositions. From this information, an organisation can take immediate action through the Deepler software and get to work on improving the organisation in an approachable way.

Founder Stijn van der Vat: ‘We consult employees in decision-making, helping managers look through the eyes of the shop floor. Our tooling helps monitor improvement initiatives. It’s not about the insights about what an organisation needs to do better, but about what you do with those insights. Their effect is measured structurally and is visible to everyone. For and by the organisation’s employees…’.

More return from existing employees

In the current labour market, organisations have great difficulty binding and engaging employees. According to Stijn van der Vat, this means that attracting new employees is often the focus, whereas investing in employees retention really saves money. ‘Besides the fact that we all want to work at an organisation where everyone is happy and delighted, replacing an employee costs up to 170% of the annual salary due to familiarisation, loss of knowledge and recruitment costs. Our software helps in setting up an organisation that fits changing empployee needs faster and better.’

Partners & Expansion

Deepler works with several partners. For instance, the software is now used to determine the value of organisations’ ‘Human Capital’. This is innovative as it is still often (wrongly) seen as a cost item. Also, besides further national rollout, Deepler plans to focus on its international expansion in 2023. Since this year, Deepler has launched in Mexico, but new opportunities are also being explored in Europe.

Why an additional investment?

Stijn van der Vat is clear about the importance of the additional investment: ‘Our platform was already profitable. Therefore, we can make full use of this financial boost to build our team, further develop our proposition and for our planned expansion. This way, we will create even more excellent organisations, with employees who feel valued and involved because they have impact’.

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